THE STUDIO of WOLF YOGA – Terms & Conditions of Use
Subject to condition

1.1 When a person completes the Registration Form and purchases a yoga package or used the studio products/facilities/service they become a Member of the Studio.

1.2. Acceptance of a person as a Member is at the absolute discretion of Wolf Yoga.

1.3 Wolf Yoga reserves the right to expel from the Studio, suspend for a specific period or refuse to renew the membership of, any Member whose conduct is or may, in Wolf Yoga’s reasonable opinion, be injurious to the character of the studio, or which amounts to a breach of the Terms and Conditions, or where such expulsion is otherwise in the interests of the other Members of the Studio. Any Members so expelled forthwith cease to be Members of the Studio and are not entitled to any refund for any period during which their membership is suspended or forfeited.

1.4 At the Company’s discretion, count based memberships may be extended. This extension incurs an administrative fee. This fee
is not intended to be punitive, yet to reflect the actual cost to the company of extending the membership.

1.5 Members on Annual Contracts may suspend their membership for one month out of every twelve. An administrative fee is incurred to suspend a membership. This is not intended to be punitive, yet to reflect the actual cost to the company of suspending the membership.

1.6 Wolf Yoga may run promotional introductory offers from time to time (directly or through an agent). These offers are exclusively for new Members who are not already registered with the studio and are not for repeat use.


2.0 Studio Opening Times

2.1 Details of class times at Wolf Yoga may vary from time to time, including cancellations of individual classes. Class times are published by Wolf Yoga and are available either at the Studio or on the website.

2.2 Class size is limited, therefore entry is on a first come, first served basis to Members currently holding credits. Booking is strongly advised.


3. Payment Terms

3.1 Details of class prices are available either on the website or directly from the Studio and will be such prices as determined by Wolf Yoga from time to time.

3.2 A Member may not attend any class at Wolf Yoga without first paying for the relevant class and entering themselves into a class.

3.3 Payments for classes at the studio do not entitle Members to attend classes at any yoga studio other than those operated by Wolf Yoga (in the event they are available).

3.4 Subject to any statutory right of cancellation, payments for classes, class card fees, monthly subscription fees, gift certificates, treatments, annual payments and any other purchase of services are non-refundable and non-transferable unless otherwise stated
in the Terms and Conditions. Refunds if any, as are made shall be entirely within the discretion of Wolf Yoga.

3.5 Payments for class packages; Wolf Yoga takes memberships, workshops, courses and treatments on behalf of their teachers.

3.6 Workshops, Retreats and Programmes at Wolf Yoga are non refundable. In the event of Wolf Yoga cancelling Retreats/Programmes Wolf Yoga will refund Members all deposits and payments they have paid. Wolf Yoga cannot however compensate Members for airfare or travel costs incurred. In the unlikely event Wolf Yoga must cancel a Retreat/Programme due to force majeure (including yet not limited to; weather, natural disaster or political upheaval) Wolf Yoga cannot guarantee a refund. To cover these risks, Wolf Yoga highly recommends Members purchase travel insurance.


5. Monthly and Yearly Memberships

5.1 The provisions of this clause 5 shall only apply to Members, which subscribe to unlimited classes by monthly or yearly autopay (“Subscription”).

5.2 Subscription fees must be paid in accordance with the Terms and Conditions irrespective of whether or not the Member uses the Studio’s facilities.

5.3 Members shall be given no less than 10 working days’ written notice of any increase in their Subscription (unless otherwise agreed in their contract).

5.4 Any Member which is purchasing classes by Subscription may cancel their Subscription by written request to the Manager of the Studio, giving a minimum of 1 calendar month’s notice from the expiry of the current contract date If the contract is not cancelled it will roll over for the same duration.

5.5 If a Member does not pay their Subscription for the Subscription Period (or cancels their Subscription during the Subscription Period) then Wolf Yoga is entitled to charge the Member for any outstanding Subscriptions in respect of the Subscription Period.

5.6 Members agree and acknowledge by agreeing to the Subscription Period, they are being given preferential rates by Wolf Yoga and therefore it is fair and reasonable Wolf Yoga charges them for any payments as described and referred to in 5.6 above.

5.7 Members who do not wish to accept a change proposed by Wolf Yoga to the Terms and Conditions or to pay an increase in any Subscription fees may cancel their Subscription by giving written notice to Wolf Yoga. The notice must be given before or within 28 days after the change to the Terms and Conditions or increase in subscription fees takes effect and must expire at the end of the relevant calendar month. The Member giving notice must continue to pay subscriptions at the rate current immediately prior to any proposed increase until the end of such notice period.


6. Personal Belongings

6.1 Personal belongings are brought into the studio premises at the Member’s risk and Wolf Yoga does not accept liability for any loss or damage whatsoever to such items. For security reasons Members are advised not to take valuables into the studio.


7.Facility Bookings

7.1 Early Cancels – If Members cancel more than two hours before the start of class there is no fee applied.

7.2 A ‘No Show’ (Failure to turn up for a class at all without prior cancellation) will incur the following:

• Monthly Members: Will be charged 1 credit for not cancelling and not attending a pre-booked class. In the case of 3 missed classes, Members will not allowed to pre-book any more classes for the remainder of their Monthly membership.
• Single Pass Members: Will result in the deduction of the class from their pass.
• Members must go to Wolf Yoga online booking system and remove themselves from the class list. If this is not available, Members must email Wolf Yoga at:

7.3 Wolf Yoga Online Booking Facilities and rules are as follows:

• Classes can be booked online up to one week in advance.
• All Members with online bookings are advised to arrive at least 15 minutes before the class starts.


8.Use Of Facilities

8.1 A Member is welcome to use the Studio’s facilities. The Studio may at any time withdraw all or part of its facilities for any period or periods and with notice, where practicable, in connection with any cleaning, repair, alteration or maintenance work or for reasons beyond the control of the Studio or Wolf Yoga.

8.2 Any child under the age of 16 years will be refused access to classes not named Kids Yoga classes.

8.3 All children of 17 years are deemed as adults within Wolf Yoga Premise and need to abide by the terms and conditions of the Studio.


9. Fitness And Health

9.1 Members are advised not to undertake strenuous physical activities without first seeking medical advice if they have concerns over their physical condition. Wolf Yoga reserves the right to refuse access to any Member if, in its absolute discretion, it considers the health of the individual concerned may be endangered by the use of such facilities.

9.2 Members with low/high blood pressure and/or cardiac irregularities should not attend class until they have written permission from their doctor. If there is any doubt, the Member should consult his doctor. Members must notify Wolf Yoga of any circumstances affecting their health, which may be exacerbated through continued use of the studio.

9.3 Members are required to follow the instructions of the teacher at all times.

9.4 Members are required to inform a member of staff, if they incur injuries or conditions, after the initial information stated on their registration form.


10. Dress

10.1 Members are requested to wear a form of dress appropriate to the practice of Wolf Yoga. Wolf Yoga recommends Members wear stretch pants or shorts with an inner lining and a t-shirt or sports top. Members should attend classes barefoot (subject to clause 10.1).

10.2 Footwear should be removed and left on the shoe racks provided in the changing rooms of the studio. No footwear is allowed in The Den.


11.Safety & Hygiene

11.1 In the interests of safety and hygiene, no crockery or glass are permitted in the changing rooms or the Studios. Only water is permitted in the Studios (no coloured drinks). Members must not walk around the Studio barefoot if they have verrucas or similar foot complaints. Please wear socks or indoor flip-flops.

11.2 Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises.

11.6 Members must use the main entrance to the studio when entering or leaving the studio. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and Members must not interfere with these exits for any reason.

11.7 In the event of a fire, Members are asked to make their way to the nearest available exit.


12. General Guidelines

12.1 Members must at all times observe Wolf Yoga’s guidelines which may be notified to them from time to time and are requested to comply with any reasonable directions which the management of the Studio may issue to ensure the smooth operation of the Studio for the convenience of all Members.

12.2 Members are required to give written notice to Wolf Yoga of any change of address, email or contact number. Failing such notice, all communications shall be assumed to have been received by the Member within 5 days of mailing to the last address notified to Wolf Yoga.

12.3 Wolf Yoga reserves the right to refuse admission to the studio.

12.4 A person who is not a Member has no rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to rely upon or enforce any terms of the Membership agreement or use any of the facilities provided by the company.

12.5 Wolf Yoga may, if a Member so wishes, communicates with the Member by electronic mail (“email”). By providing an email address to Wolf Yoga, the Member consents to receiving email communications from Wolf Yoga, including notices pursuant to the Terms and Conditions. The Member also accepts the risk email may not be a secure and confidential means of communication. Wolf Yoga Is unable to be liable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of communicating with a Member by email or in this manner.

12.6 Any marketing, educational or other materials of this nature whatsoever produced by Wolf Yoga in connection with the Studio and which are made available to Members at the Studio, will at all times remain the property of Wolf Yoga and will be subject to the Wolf Yoga’s copyright.


13. Data protection principles

13.1 This notice explains how Wolf Yoga processes your personal information. Wolf Yoga complies with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.

13.2 The eight principles relating of the processing of personal information are:

• Fairly and lawfully processed
• Processed for a limited time
• Adequate, relevant & not excessive
• Accurate
• Refrain from keeping longer than necessary
• Processed in accordance with your rights
• Secure
• Refrains from transferring to countries without adequate protection

13.3 Your privacy and security are of utmost importance to Wolf Yoga and aims to follow these principles and ask you how you might like Wolf Yoga (or Wolf Yoga partners) to communicate with you. The Information Commissioner regulates compliance with the Data Protection Act.

13.4 By collecting your data, it allows Wolf Yoga to understand what your needs and wants are, provide personalised content and match the most relevant adverts and services for you. It also allows Wolf Yoga to provide targeted offers and services you may be interested to hear about.

13.5 By completing any forms on the website with personal information or by the continued use of our services, you are consenting to:

a) Wolf Yoga processing your sensitive personal data such as health data for the above purposes, and
b) the transfer and processing of your information in countries inside and outside of the European Economic Area which may not provide the same level of data protection as the EU. If Wolf Yoga does make such a transfer or if your personal information aims to be processed outside of the European Economic Area, Wolf Yoga aim to put it in writing to ensure your information is protected.


14. Marketing Consent

14.1 When you give Wolf Yoga your personal information, Wolf Yoga aims to offer you the option to receive additional on-going marketing communications from Wolf Yoga, which may include offers and news of alternative products and services. Wolf Yoga never sells your data to other companies to use for their marketing purposes.

14.2 All of Wolf Yoga marketing communications aim to have a method to unsubscribe. You may also exercise your right to opt out of the use of your information for marketing purposes at any time by Wolf Yoga by one of the methods explained at the end of this notice Wolf Yoga may supply personal data to trusted suppliers for analysis purposes. This aims to be done under agreement with Wolf Yoga and may be in line with this policy.

14.3 Wolf Yoga may work with other companies for promotional purposes where you may be asked to opt-in for future contact from which specific partner. With your permission, Wolf Yoga transfers you data to the third party at which point it may fall under his or her own privacy and security controls. Wolf Yoga is unable to be held liable for subsequent challenges arising from third party usage of transferred data.


15. Disclosure

15.1 Your personal information aims to be disclosed where Wolf Yoga are obliged or permitted by law to do so. If you post or send offensive or objectionable content anywhere on or to our website or by email or otherwise engage in any disruptive behaviour on Wolf Yoga website, Wolf Yoga may use the information which is available to Wolf Yoga about you to stop such behaviour and report the matter to the police or legal.


16. Notification of changes

16.1 From time to time, Wolf Yoga may make changes to this Terms and Conditions. This may be in relation to changes in the law, the best practice, and changes in our services or treatment of your personal information. Wolf Yoga aims to display clearly when the privacy policy was last amended on the website.

16.2 If there are any changes to Wolf Yoga privacy policy and how Wolf Yoga uses Wolf Yoga site for their members, guests and visitors, Wolf Yoga announces these changes have been made on the website, in the Studio and on other key pages on Wolf Yoga site and to you by email or in writing if possible.

16.3 Personally identifiable information, notification by e-mail or postal mail will be made to those affected by this change. Any changes to Wolf Yoga privacy policy will be posted on the website or in the Studio via email to Wolf Yoga’s member 30 days prior to these changes taking place. You are therefore advised to re-read this statement on a regular basis.

16.4 These terms and conditions form part of the Agreement between Wolf Yoga and you accessing Wolf Yoga’s website and/or undertaking of a booking or Agreement indicates your understanding, agreement to and acceptance, of the Disclaimer Notice and the full Terms and Conditions contained herein. Your statutory Consumer Rights are unaffected.

16.5 Wolf Yoga provides data services under the “GDPR”, General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union as of 25th May 2018.

16.3 Wolf Yoga endeavors to provide you with the ability to fulfill all corporate obligations of the GDPR. Wolf Yoga ensures you may delete data as if the data is processed within the EU. Wolf Yoga ensures you may correct its data as if the data were being processed within the EU.

16.4 Wolf Yoga ensures you are able to transfer your data to any EU resident in a human-readable format where appropriate and in any responsibilities concerning reports on data security. Wolf Yoga endeavor to keep you data secure through ‘privacy by design and to retain good privacy by design as a standard way to work. Data is held in a secure location, typically an office, where it is reasonable to expect safety.

16.5 For times where data is being processed outside of a normal office (such as staff travelling with laptops), staff who work with data are given adequate services to work with standard tasks while holding all personal data in RAM only, such if the laptops power is disconnected then all sensitive data is lost. Travelling data also has normal passwords implemented for this to be effective, e.g. when a laptop is put into sleep mode, or switched off. Other standard data security practices are also acceptable, such as local encryption, as appropriate.

16.6 Wolf Yoga ensures you are fulfilled by all obligations concerning data breaches. If Wolf Yoga becomes aware of a data breach, Wolf Yoga will inform you of the breach within twenty-four hours of becoming aware of the breach.


17. Log Files

17.1 Wolf Yoga use IP addresses to analyse trends, administer the site, track user’s movement, and gather broad demographic information for aggregate use. IP addresses are not linked to personally identifiable information. Additionally, for systems administration, detecting usage patterns and troubleshooting purposes, our web servers automatically log standard access information including browser type, access times/open mail, URL requested, and referral URL.

17.2 This information is not shared with third parties and is used only within this Company on a need-to-know basis. Any individually identifiable information related to this data will never be used in any way different to the stated above without your explicit permission.


18.Copyright Notice

18.1 Copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights exists on all text relating to Wolf Yoga’s services and the full content of this website.


19. Limitation Of Liability

19.1 Wolf Yoga is not held responsible for any particular class, instructor and/or item of equipment, service not being available for whatever reason. Wolf Yoga reserves the right to make alterations to the classes, instructors and/or equipment, as well as to those ancillary facilities (e.g. showers), provided to Members, without notice and in its absolute discretion and Wolf Yoga will not be liable for any loss occasioned by such alterations, except insofar as such loss is by law incapable of exclusion.

19.2 It is the Member’s responsibility to ensure they are capable of undergoing a routine of exercises provided by any programme, which they follow, or class they attend. Members accept the risk of injury from performing exercises and are advised to consult their doctor prior to beginning any programme or class.

19.3 Wolf Yoga accepts no liability for loss or damage to property or injury of Members on the studio premises or outside the studio except in so far as such loss, damage, or injury is by law incapable of exclusion.

19.4 Wolf Yoga is not responsible for information regarding classes organised by third-party teachers.


20. One to one classes

20.1 All private one to one classes are not confirmed until they are paid for in full.

20.2 To cancel a private one to one class a Member must give 24 hours notice by email or telephone. Any private one to one classes missed with less than 24 hours notification is forfeited. In any other case, the session will be charged and deducted from the remainder of the Client’s course.

20.3 When you are purchasing a one to one session you are paying for the session not the teacher. Yoga teachers are subject to change without notice. Please note all one to one sessions are non transferable and only available to the individual person booking them. All one-to-one sessions are non-extendable.



21.1 The Member shall not defame, slander, libel, misrepresent, or otherwise tarnish or violate Wolf Yoga’s reputation. Should the Member bring a legal action for the enforcement of this paragraph or because of an alleged dispute, breach, default, or misrepresentation in connection with this Para 21, Wolf Yoga shall be entitled to recover solicitor’s and third party’ fees and /or any costs incurred in this action from the Member, in addition to any other relief to which Wolf Yoga may be entitled.


22. Force Majeure

22.1 Neither party shall be liable to the other for any failure to perform any obligation under any Agreement which is due to an event beyond the control of such party including yet not limited to any Act of God, terrorism, war, Political insurgence, insurrection, riot, civil unrest, act of civil or military authority, uprising, earthquake, flood or any other natural or man made eventuality outside of our control, which causes the termination of an agreement or contract entered into, nor which could have been reasonably foreseen. Any Party affected by such event shall forthwith inform the other Party of the same and shall use all reasonable endeavors to comply with the terms and conditions of any Agreement contained herein.


23. Waiver

23.1 Failure of either Party to insist upon strict performance of any provision of this or any Agreement or the failure of either Party to exercise any right or remedy to which it, he or they are entitled hereunder shall not constitute a waiver thereof and shall not cause a diminution of the obligations under this or any Agreement. No waiver of any of the provisions of this or any Agreement shall be effective unless it is expressly stated to be such and signed by both Parties.


24. Company Information

24.1 Wolf Yoga is incorporated in SERBIA and the company registration number is 64794647.

24.2 Wolf Yoga is registered at Kapetan-Mišina 26, Beograd 11000.